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The Wivel device consists of the main housing and an antenna. The antenna is mounted into the right side of the device using a knob. You can detach the antenna and change its orientation by loosening the knob while turning it anti-clockwise with fingers. Tighten the antenna knob by turning it clockwise with fingers. If you remove the antenna, any other antenna with SMA plug can be connected.


Wivel is powered from your car’s onboard diagnostics (OBDII) port. Connect the HDMI mini cable (type C) connector with the device by inserting it into the slot on the side (pic. 1). Plug the OBDII connector of the cable to your car’s diagnostic port.

You can find the OBDII port location of your car here:

You can mount Wivel anywhere inside the car by using the adhesive mount. The mount is connected with Wivel using a bracket on the back of the device (pic. 1). Place the mounting pad only on to a stiff surface so that Wivel will not move during accelerating, braking, and cornering. To ensure this, tighten the mounting knob. If Wivel is loose and moves during driving it will heavily affect the
accuracy of the inertial measurement unit (IMU). It is also important to position the antenna properly. It will greatly affect its accuracy. If you are using an external antenna, mount it outside of the car (roof etc.) facing upwards. If using Wivel’s
own antenna then the correct position must be ensured for best GPS accuracy. Position the antenna horizontally so that its upper face (with
little GPS sign) is pointed to the sky. For best functionality, you can try different
locations for the housing and mount placement. This way you can see the small light in the center of the device directly or mirrored from windshield while the antenna is facing upwards. After placing the device in the car, its position needs calibration. Do this with Wivel app, on settings screen (10).

Pic. 1. mini HDMI slot is on the right side, the mounting bracket on the back side (down). Status light is on the center of the device, in recessed stripe, near the knob.

To ensure the operation of the device, use it in the
following conditions:

  • Prevent contact with water and moisture; use the device in dry conditions only.
  • Do not use the device in dusty conditions,
  • Cover the device from direct wind,
  • The antenna socket is fragile, do not overtighten it or bend the antenna.
  • Disconnect the device from the car, when it is not used for a longer time (week etc.).

Wivel connects to your Android or iOS device over its built-in Bluetooth LE. You can use Wivel service app or any other lap timer app to track your driving style
and car’s performance. While Wivel is powered and connected using Bluetooth, it constantly sends data to your mobile phone. Data can also be simultaneously logged on to a micro SD-card. For this, carefully insert a micro SD-card into a slot hidden in the antenna side of the device (pic. 2). The card is locked into place when pushed against the spring. For removal, push it again and it will come out.