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Wivel Terminal

Wivel Terminal



When your car or motorcycle won’t have any OBDII port at all or when you want to add features to your CAN/OBDII stream


For example, this is the case for cars older than the 1997 model year, old classics, or racecars that have original ECU (engine control unit) removed or replaced with programmable ECU (Haltech, MoTec, Link, Vems, Megasquirt etc). 

The terminal can also be used in conjunction with OBDII/CAN if you want to add features that are not available through a standard network. For example, brake pressure, boost pressure, any sort of RPM or temperature. 

In both cases the Terminal allows you to log different readings from your car and transfer them via Bluetooth to your smartphone

Terminal only works together with Wivel main unit and It can be connected to to it via HDMI to mini HDMI cable or OBDII to mini HDMI cable

  • Housing material: Plastic
  • OBD2 Male connector 16pin 
  • Colour: Black
  • Dimensions: 51 x 89 x 16 mm
  • Weight: 62g  

If you have any other questions about the device, its installation or use please contact us at  or refer to the FAQ on our website.